Trinity Acupuncture - Healing for your mind, body & spirit
What to Expect

  • The Initial Visit: Your first visit lasts approximately 90 minutes. We will discuss your specific needs and go over your health and medical history in depth. You are encouraged to bring copies of any recent results from lab work performed by your doctor. You will be provided with recommendations and a treatment protocol based on our discoveries. You will also receive an acupuncture treatment, unless you opt not to at that time, in order to familiarize yourself with the modality and with Réquel as a practitioner. Dress comfortably, preferably in loose clothing with a separate top and bottom to allow access to the abdomen and lower back.

  • Follow-up Visits: All subsequent visits last approximately one hour. We value your time, so you will never be left waiting for your scheduled appointment for more than 5 minutes. Once you are in the treatment room, Réquel will spend a few minutes asking questions and answering any questions you may have. Once she has determined her treatment strategy for that visit, you will lie on the massage table while she places the acupuncture needles in their appropriate points. Then you will enjoy a few quiet and relaxing minutes with the lights dimmed while listening to soothing music or a guided meditation. Most patients fall asleep during this time, or at the very least become quite relaxed.

  • Ongoing Care: The basic premise of holistic medicine is to achieve overall balanced health and maintain it. You will never be pressured to purchase supplements or schedule treatments. You will be presented with recommendations and you will make the choices that best suit you regarding your care. Once the initial issue or complaint that you sought treatment for has been resolved, keeping in mind that we cannot guarantee a particular outcome, you may choose to come in periodically for a “tune up”. You are encouraged to treat your body with kindness and come in for regular self-care of some sort in order to maintain optimum health.